Monday, April 9, 2007

Short Works

Garrett Koeppicus - REEL 2010 from Garrett Koeppicus on Vimeo.

My first, and current demo reel.

"Replacement Dog" Written by Casey Safron; animation, design, and compositing by myself.

"Blame" Temposhark 2008, assistant animator to Motomichi Nakamura

A short Valentines greeting I made for friends in 2007.

Blooming and Bustling. This is my senior thesis. Created during fall 2005/spring 2006 at The School of Visual Arts.

Imagine That! A UNESCO PSA I made with Ian Jones-Quartey and Aaron Brewer during the spring of 2005. I animated and designed all of the animals and background, and did all of the color styling. Ian did the design, timing and key animation for the little boy. Aaron did breakdowns, inbetweens and the digital compositing.

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